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Herbal Help For Your Dog’s Ear Infections


Otitis externa, external ear infection, is one of the most common problems veterinarians see in their practices today.

Otitis is caused by a wide variety of microorganisms—bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. It is often the result of other primary causes such as hypersensitivity diseases, foreign bodies,

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Flint River Ranch – Summer Cookies


“Want a treat? Who wants a treat?!” are the happiest words to your dog!

Our mission at Flint River Ranch is to continue to help you “feel good” about Flint River Ranch formulas, chews & treats!

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Flint River Ranch – Braided Pizzle Sticks [infographic]


Dogs LOVE pizzle sticks, and you will love keeping your furry friend happy and occupied, while the chewing action helps to clean teeth! All of the pizzles come from USDA inspected steers and are never treated with chemicals. There are 3 pizzles braided together into a 7″

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Flint River Ranch – Original Puppy and Adult Formula [infographic]


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