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Protecting your cat from toxic plants

image-1.axdCats love to nibble on grass. Many cat owners know that.

But what some might not know is that not all greenery is safe for felines.

Both plants found outdoors in yards and indoors in pots can be harmful to cats.

The most dangerous plants for cats are members of the lily family,

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The TV network just for dogs


Many dog owners leave their televisions on when they’re away from home. They believe this prevents their pets from getting lonely and engaging in destructive behavior while alone.

But does watching TV reduce what veterinarians call “separation anxiety”? And, if so, does it matter whether dogs watch football games,

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When “Experts” Lead Us Astray

expertWithout a doubt, the opinion of an “expert” carries weight and influence. But who actually decides when someone is an expert anyway? Could it be detrimental to allow “experts” to have so much sway over our decisions?

From an early age we are conditioned to believe that someone else always knows best.

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URGENT: 3 Dog & Cat Food Brands Recalled for Salmonella

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The FDA has just issued a press release regarding a voluntary recall of 3 brands or dog and cat food by ProPet LLC. According to the FDA, fortunately there have not yet been any reports of illness caused by this contamination.

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