UPS My Choice program

UPS My Choice program As you know, Flint River Ranch primarily uses UPS as our shipping partner.  But, did you know that UPS has a program for its recipients that will help you to manage all of your UPS shipping more effectively for your needs? 

Some of the benefits are:

  • You’ll be notified of your incoming UPS shipments.
  • You can do a change of address directly with UPS for a reduced fee.  We currently are charged $12.  As a member of My Choice, it drops to $5.  Additionally, if you join as a Premium member, that change fee is waived by UPS.
  • You can sign for your packages online instead of having to be there in person.  Insuring that your package will be waiting for you at home. 
  • You can reschedule or reroute your packages to another address if you know you won’t be home. 
  • You can set vacation settings so if you’re away, UPS will hold shipment.
  • You can leave specific instructions for the UPS delivery driver on where to leave your packages.

If you find that you have to redirect a lot of packages or have to make changes to them, you can join UPS My Choice as a premium member for $40 a year, and you will not have any UPS shipping changes charged to your account.  For those who get a lot of packages, or make a lot of changes to the receiving address, this could be well worth the membership fee.

I encourage everyone to sign up for this service, if only so that you will be better notified by UPS of all your shipments, and have the power to better manage all of your UPS shipments.  Please go online to (or click the picture of “get home delivery” above) and look for the option on their main page UPS My Choice to get more information and to establish your account. 

You’re going to love this service and the control it provides you with all your UPS shipping business. 

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