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CBD Hemp Videos [Video]


KannaWay Products:

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Are you angry? You’re confusing your dog

Our dogs are tuned in to us. When we’ve had a bad day, they know to either come in for a snuggle or stay out of the way. When they’ve done something wrong, they seem to look guilty or simply disappear until we cool off.

And a new study from researchers at Brigham Young University finds that dogs may be even more tuned into our moods than we realize.

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Kitty Play Time [video]

In last month’s episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah provided us with fun and simple ways to tap into a cat’s innate problem solving skills while helping avoid the behavioral and physical consequences of sedentary living. If you missed this video on making safe but fun DIY toys for cats,

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How do dogs “see” with their noses? [video]

You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their noses.’ But these creature’s amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. Alexandra Horowitz illustrates how the dog’s nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can’t be seen at all.

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Are You Poisoning Your Pet? Things You Need To Know About The Pet Food Industry


“One of the dirty little secrets kept by the pet food industry is that some by-products also contain substances such as abscesses and cancerous material. In my opinion, feeding slaughterhouse waste to animals increases their chances of getting cancer and other degenerative diseases. Some meat, especially glandular tissue,

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Alternative Therapies for Joint Problems [video]

vimeoRecent estimates put the number of dogs suffering from joint disease and chronic pain at nearly ten million, a significant percentage of the population. And, with more and more senior pet kids in American homes, those numbers are likely to remain high. Fortunately, veterinarians have adopted a treatment previously used only for humans,

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Getting Into the Swing of Things [video]

This Golden Retriever pup loves watching televised sports, especially tennis. Here is a clip of him spectating and ‘participating in’ the Australian Open.

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Dog not allowed on the bed [Video] :)

There’s one rule in this house … the dog is not allowed on the bed. What the pet parents couldn’t figure out was, why was there so much dog hair on the bed every time they came home from work. So, clever people that they are, they set up a video camera to find out.

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Parvovirus [video]

vimeoIn this month’s episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reviews one of those I’ve-heard-mentioned-before-but-don’t-know-very-much-about canine health topics, Parvovirus. Sadly, with spring comes a seasonal increase in this potentially lethal disease, so you and your pup need to be prepared. Our staff veterinarian explains what the disease is,

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The Secrets of Cat Whispering [video]

vimeoSome people just have a knack for attracting the affections of cats. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter category, you should definitely watch this short episode of Pet Talk, where Dr. Sarah reveals the secrets to ‘cat whispering’. Joined by Alvis, her feline guest-host, our staff veterinarian presents an excellent tutorial for those interested in learning the proper way to pet a cat.

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