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How To Make Turmeric 2000% Stronger With A Homemade Paste To Help Smash Cancer & Arthritis!

It is estimated that 5% of cancer is genetic and 95% is a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. Over 6 million (and growing) dogs die from cancer each year! More than 1 in 2 dogs and 1 in 3 cats are diagnosed with cancer.

A new turmeric study reveals that one of the world’s most extensively researched herbs has the ability to selectively target and destroy cancer stem cells,

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Chamomile Tea A Natural Dog Remedy

Chamomile tea may be one of your favorite beverages, but did you know it also is great for your dog? Chamomile tea can be used to treat a variety of symptoms in dogs, helping them lead healthier lives in a natural way.

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This is How to Stop Your Dog From Getting Fleas With Apple Cider Vinegar (and other remedies!)

6-1-copyWhile the weather has been pretty up and down lately, I’m looking forward to the summer. One of my favorite things about the summer is the annual family trip to the cottage.

Of course, no family trip is complete without my two dogs! They love adventure,

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DIY Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats That Fight Inflammation And Prevent Canine Arthritis In Your Pet!

DogTreat3-1When you have apples on your counter that nobody seems to be eating, what do you do with them? I know my family often neglects slightly soft apples them until they’re spoiled, but you don’t have to. You can make delicious apple cinnamon dog treats to help fight inflammation and prevent arthritis in your dog!

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Healing With Turmeric Golden Paste For Dogs

cu-jar-pepper-tumeric-1Here’s a recipe you just have to try for your dog!

You may have heard of the benefits of turmeric for your dog. If you haven’t, then here are all the amazing benefits of this colorful spice:

  • It’s a powerful antioxidant
  • It’s a natural and effective anti-inflammatory
  • It can help prevent and even treat cancer
  • It protects the liver from toxins
  • And much more!

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