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Top Ten Chemicals That Worsen Canine Itch

DBIsignITCHYChronic itch – scrapes and scratches, hot spots, reddened areas and other areas of inflammation – is just as serious a problem among dogs as it is among humans.

While dogs’ skin conditions differ somewhat from human skin issues, there’s one thing we have in common …

… the environmental chemicals that aggravate that itching sensation.

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Labor Day Savings Coupons from

September2015Use Coupon Code = 1off and save $1.00 on orders over $35.00
Use Coupon Code = 2off and save $2.50 on orders over $55.00
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~ Es·sen·tial – absolutely necessary; extremely important. ~

GetYourGreensOnMarch 17th is St. Patrick’s day, but don’t wait until then to get your pet’s greens on! Flint River Ranch’s Essential Greens has all the greens your dog and cat will need to keep from getting pinched. 🙂

Just add this awesome whole food supplement to any of our dry dog or cat food formulas along with cool water to produce a delicious gravy that contains Barley Grass,

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Buddy and Jasper

Our first order of the new Flint River Ranch Grain Free Salmon formula arrived just in time as Buddy had just reached the bottom of his last Senior Plus.

An Aussie-Corgi at 30-35 pounds, Buddy doesn’t eat too much so a 10 pound bag lasts a while.

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Barkley loves his FRR Kibbles

When I told my dog trainer I was having problems getting Barkley to eat dry food, he suggested I put a handful or his regular food next to a handful of Flint River Ranch Kibbles. He immediately gobbled the FRR Kibbles and ignored his old dry food. Problem solved.

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Chicken vs Chicken Fat

This is a picture of Aja at 10 years old. She was with me from sickly kitten until 17 years old. I had this cat before Flint River Ranch had developed a grain free formula but it sure worked wonders for her chronic UTI’s. Only one time did I take her off of it to try a locally made home delivery food (ingredients read pretty much the same) but she was on it for only two weeks and had another UTI.

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You Can’t Get Any Better than Flint River Ranch!

Here is a picture taken a on August 4th of Lucie. It was our 15th anniversary together. She was  8 months old per the vets initial estimate of her age when he spayed her 15 years ago. She came from the shelter in San Luis Obispo. She will celebrate her 16th birthday in a few weeks.

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Two feline fans!

Luke and Baw/Baw..they look fat but not really. Luke has a lot of fur..

You’ll get an order from your fans soon..




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Skye loves Flint River Ranch!

Meet Skye! A 4 year old Siberian Husky!  She loves her Flint River Ranch Nugget or Lamb and Rice food, and will “talk” for more!


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Two Happy Customers!

We have been feeding our dogs Flint River Ranch for years!  Here they are anticipating some!


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