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Canine Flu: What Should You Be Afraid Of?

canine-flu-dnmOver the past few months TV stations and newspapers have been full of warnings about the canine flu epidemic, especially in cities like Chicago, where they said 1,500 dogs got the flu in one outbreak.

Some articles called it “the deadly dog flu” … though they didn’t actually report how many dogs had actually died from it.

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Rabies Vaccination: 13 Ways to Vaccinate More Safely

rabies-dnmAnimal Control sends a notice stating that your dog’s rabies vaccination is due.

Some of us will vaccinate readily.

Because it’s legally mandated, it must be safe, right? Besides, what choice do we have?

Others of us panic, desperate to avoid the shot at any cost.

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8 Steps For Choosing A Safe Flea Product

pick-safe-flea-product-dnmFlea problems are one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of living with a dog. The pesky little insects have had hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and perfect their life cycle to make sure that their family tree thrives and doesn’t wither away. Unfortunately, their resilience and adaptability make it much harder to keep an average dog flea-free.

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How To Give Your Dog Vitamins

vitamins-dnmIs your dog getting her vitamins?

Even though most dog foods say they’re “complete and balanced,” the nutrition often comes from a bunch of  synthetic vitamins and minerals.  These aren’t well absorbed by your dog’s body and can even be harmful.

Want to boost your dog’s food?

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