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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Owning Cats And Dogs

pets-articleDoes the idea of introducing a new dog or cat to the household overwhelm you with thoughts of responsibility and obligations you would much rather avoid? What if I told you a furry companion could be just what you need in order to improve your health and share a mutually beneficial relationship?

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3 Ingredients Never to Feed

3-never-feed-ingredients-dnmSince the day you brought your dog home, you’ve done everything possible to do the best for him. You give all the vaccinations your vet recommends. You put your dog on something for fleas. And you feed the kibble suggested by the helpful pet store attendant.

You’ve done your best,

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Miracle Turmeric Paste Recipe is Anti-Inflammatory, Blood Purifier and A Cancer Prevention Remedy For Humans & Pets

11109021_876452659096284_1333037445565552401_nTurmeric has incredible healing properties. It’s one of nature’s strongest healing spices used commonly in many cultures around the world for it’s array of benefits, especially in aujurvedic medicine. Let’s take a look at the healing properties of turmeric:

1. It’s an antioxidant
2. anti-inflammatory properties

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MSG In Dog Food Can Cause Brain Damage

msg-dnm-1You’re probably familiar with monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a flavor enhancer in Chinese restaurant food and a lot of packaged food products like canned soups and vegetables, processed meats, snacks like potato chips, salad dressings and frozen dinners.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies it as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) but still,

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The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs


Coconut oil is extremely popular these days. You may use it yourself as a health supplement, for cooking, as a homemade toothpaste or deodorant ingredient, to moisturize your skin or condition your hair.

Because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, many people also use coconut oil for a number of medicinal purposes.

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Addiction Dog Food Recall of September 2016

Addiction Foods of Seattle, WA, announced it is voluntarily recalling limited quantities of its New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetable and New Zealand Venison and Apple canned dog foods.

addiction-new_zealand_brushtail addiction-new_zealand_venison
What’s Being Recalled?

The affected product was shipped to select distributors and online retailers between February 11,

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