Chamomile Tea A Natural Dog Remedy

Chamomile tea may be one of your favorite beverages, but did you know it also is great for your dog? Chamomile tea can be used to treat a variety of symptoms in dogs, helping them lead healthier lives in a natural way. Take a look below at how you can get started using chamomile tea in your own house.

So how does Chamomile Tea work?
Chamomile tea contains natural disinfecting agents. These agents can help fight off bacteria that could otherwise upset your dog’s stomach.

What can this Natural Dog Remedy be used for?
Chamomile tea is recommended for a variety of symptoms including colic, gas, and even stress. It can also help with itchy skin and minor rashes.

How do you administer it?
Using chamomile tea to treat your dog is easy. Just chill a cup of tea in the fridge. You can spray it directly onto irritated skin, or add it to their drinking water. Spraying on the coat will help with irritation, while adding it to the water helps sooth the stomach. Whenever I mix anything into the dogs water I always highly dilute the item I am mixing in. In this case Chamomile Tea while safe will make your dog a bit drowsy when ingested and unless that is the intent I would do a half and half mixture or 1/4 Tea with 3/4 water. You can always add more if you see it is helping and your dog is tolerating it well. If your dog doesn’t want to drink it you could try freezing some of the Chamomile Tea water in ice cube trays and let them lick them. However full strength Chamomile Tea poses no health threats or toxicity issues even in very concentrated doses.

How soon will this natural dog remedy work?
The tea will get to work right away, killing nasty bacteria and helping to soothe any irritation. You will notice a difference right away on the skin they will be less itchy and the skin will become less irritated. It might take a bit longer to help calm their stomach down a drop of honey always seems to do the trick if the issue is not severe.

Just like with any other natural dog remedy talk with your vet the use of chamomile tea as a way to help care for your dog. It is a great way to take care of some basic irritations that dogs experience, and to really help them enjoy a more healthy and soothing life!

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