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The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

coconutAlthough supplements can be a confusing topic for many pet owners, most dog owners have heard of the benefits of feeding fish oils. There are however, a variety of oils that you can also use to your dog’s benefit, each with different actions and benefits.

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut oil consists of more than 90% saturated fats,

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15 Reasons You NEED To Be Giving Your Dog Coconut Oil – Plus DIY Coconut Oil Dog Treat Recipe!

DogOilNow, more than ever, coconut oil has begun making its ways into the pantries and dishes of more and more people across the globe. With a list of benefits ranging from clearing up skin conditions, reducing allergies, improving digestion, and even working as a natural alternative to toothpaste, it’s no wonder humans have begun incorporating into their diets.

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