Poisoned Pet Foods


Rendering plant meat awaiting processing

The FDA considers meats to be safe, functional, and handled appropriately when they include 4D animals (not slaughtered, but those that were dead, dying, disabled, or diseased – animal parts including cancers, tumors, and infected wounds).This is a photo of a rendering plant. Notice the meat is lying out in the sun, no refrigeration. These meats undergo chemical, enzyme, and heat treatment to destroy bacteria. YUCK!

This is a typical low quality pet food ingredient. It may appear on the label as Animal Digest, Meat and Bone Meal, Meat By-Product Meal, Animal By-Product Meal, or Animal Fat. Notice the “animal” is not named, like beef or chicken. That’s because this pile can contain ANY animal, including dead zoo and farm animals, as well as road kill. Commonly, the entire animal goes into the pit, including hide, hair, hooves, and intestines.

That means I.D. tags made of plastic and metal also go into the melting process. When the meal is further processed, magnets are used to remove the majority of the metal, but some gets by, which is why people post photos of kibble containing metal pieces on social media. Animal Digest can also be found in probiotics and supplements sold to you through your veterinarian. Read labels carefully and say NO to any products that contain these ingredients.

Remember that 96% of the pet food sold in the world is low quality, made by big international companies. Yes, there are some smaller, good companies. Let’s support them in their quest to help our pets live longer, healthier lives.

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