Penelope is in Heaven with her Flint River Ranch dog food!

My black lab, Penelope, grew up on Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Dog Food. When we left the States (4yrs ago) for our home country of Canada, I came to the realization that she would likely never get her favorite again. A couple of months ago, she started acting like she didn’t like her food any more (I know, this from a lab!!) I tried a different food and she ate it, but not with the gusto she had always enjoyed her Flint River Ranch with. I started to worry as she was dropping weight…she would eat anything off our plate with vigor, so I just thought that it was the food. It just so happened that I was able to fan-dangle some friends to accept an 80 lb order for us and my daughter drove 16 hrs (one way) to go pick it up (yes, she took advantage of the opportunity to visit friends). When she got back and brought the Flint River Ranch food out of her trunk she was almost attacked :)Penelope immediately started tearing the box apart and proceeded to tear into the bag before we could stop her. To say the least, she was in heaven :). Turns out that she was actually sick with an infection and would have likely come back to what she had been eating eventually, but I sometimes present her with a choice between the previous 2 foods and her Flint River Ranch food and guess which one she goes for :). We have always enjoyed watching her tear the boxes open and then jump up and down and act like this stuff is filet Mignon. I just want to say thank you for making a quality food that tastes great. I am sure that she will not be happy when her Flint River Ranch food is all gone, but at least she will get a good couple of months back on it to help her get her weight back on. We really wish you had a provider in Canada and/or shipping was not astronomically impossible. Please enjoy the picture of Penelope getting into the box and bag :)


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