Frances loves our Flint River Ranch Cat Formula!

Dear Flint River Ranch,

I just have to let you know how pleased I am with your new cat formula. as you can see from my account, I am a longtime Flint River Ranch customer. I was very happy with the cat hairball management formula. when I heard that you were phasing out the hairball management & replacing with the new formula, i was dismayed!

Once I got my cat over the hump of transitioning to a new formula (taste wasn’t the problem, he would pick out the intermixed types & only eat the new formula, so there were a few tough weeks of dealing with tummy distress!), I was thrilled to see that my cat’s coat was even more healthy & luxurious, and your prior formula was nothing to sneeze at!

My 16 year old cat, who was never food motivated, gained a pound or two. Considering that he was always a wee one, this was not a problem– and, in fact, it helped him weather the winter with much more grace! He was warmer with the couple extra pounds, which increased his flexibility in the cold winter months, and he was able to stay well groomed & agile.

Needless to say, we are thrilled. not only can we– as always– be confident in a safe cat food from Flint River Ranch, your new formula is chock full of health & taste– I can literally see it in my cat! Thank you, Flint River Ranch, you’ve done it again! :)


Ana Raven Medina

Oakland, CA


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