Flint River Ranch Treats For Your Sweet Dog & Cat


At FlintRiverRanch.com we know you love your pets as much as we love our own. Our companion animals offer the purest form of love. They play with us when we’re happy, they comfort us when we’re not. They stay in “the now” and never hold a grudge. And they are ALWAYS excited to see us. The bond we establish with our pets lasts a lifetime, and we as human beings can and should learn a lot about unconditional love from our animal friends. That’s why this month, in honor of Valentine’s day, we think it’s a great idea to supplement your affection for your animal companion the way we do, the way dogs and cats like it best, in the stomach, with wholesome all natural treats from Flint River Ranch.

For our beloved canine companions, we offer a variety of oven baked cookies and all natural chew treats designed to enhance an already healthy diet of FRR foods. Our oven baked Wafer and Bone shaped treats are free of chemicals, preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients and just like our foods are made with wholesome, human-grade quality meats and grains that fit the dietary profile of even the most picky and/or food-sensitive dogs. For those dogs beyond the “puppy love” stage, we offer Jubilee Wafers with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These 2 ingredients help to aid in the lubrication of joints and provide anti-inflammatory effects to help improve the mobility of mature dogs that may be experiencing joint pains or arthritis.

*Remember that all of our Wafer and Bone shaped treats are packaged in 5 lb. bags, which means if you order 10 or 20 pounds they will arrive in multiple 5 lb. bags to preserve freshness, at a discounted price per pound.

For those dogs that need something a little heavier to chew on, we also offer long lasting, naturally shed, Deer Antlers in various sizes along with Bully sticksBraided Pizzle sticks and Tooble treats. These treats are all natural, non-greasy, have low to no odor, are 100% digestible and will not splinter like bones which makes them a perfect, safe choice for your favorite canine AND your homes carpeting and upholstery.

Of course, we would be remiss to not include our feline friends in February’s love festivities. For them we offer the Purrrfect Cat Gift Pack with 3 specially designed cat toys, catnip oil spray and Sundried Bonita Flakes. Bonita Flakes are 100% shaved Bonita fish that can be used daily as an additive to meals or as a reward or lure for desirable behavior. Cats love these treats, and you will too, knowing that you are treating your little “lion” to a long healthy life with Flint River Ranch foods and treats.

We are proud to have you and your pets as part of our extended Flint River Ranch family. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. You can believe that as much care is taken in formulating and oven baking our treats as in our food formulas. So trust in us this month, treat your four legged sweeties to something special and when you have an extra couple of seconds, give them a hug from FlintRiverRanch.com !

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