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2015 is in full swing and you can bet your life, it’s going to get hectic sometimes. Juggling the odds and ends of work, family and social life, it’s easy to get distracted. You go to the cabinet to get the next bag of dog food, you just know will be there, and… “NOOOOOOOOO!!” 

“I thought you were going to order the dog food,” 

“No, I thought you were going to order the dog food.” 

It happens. 

We get calls from time to time from customers needing us to rush orders, and we can do that, but the weight of the shipment makes the additional costs a bit prohibitive for most people. We have a better solution.


Let us help. It’s what we do. 

There are approximately 80 cups of food in a 20 pound bag of any of our dog foods. Knowing this makes it a little easier to calculate the perfect interval for automatic shipments. For example, say your dog is just under 40 pounds. You would be feeding 2 cups a day, which means a 20 pound bag should last you about 40 days. Knowing there is a delivery time of 1 to 3 days in most areas of the country, you would want to set your automatic shipments of one 20 pound bag to be processed maybe every 35 to 37 days apart. Using 80 cups of food in a 20 pound bag as your reference will help you to calculate in any other factors such as multiple pets and wether it would be more economical to order 40 pounds (which comes in two 20 pound bags but is a little cheaper per pound) at a longer interval between shipments.

We can set your automatic shipments up for any combination of products, any number of days, to ship right to your front door, exactly when you need it! How easy is that? We can send dog food every month and cat food every other month. We can rotate formulas. We can include treats every third shipment. You tell us which formulas you need and how often you need them and we’ll take care of the rest. Our up-to-date email reminders will keep you informed of when a shipment is scheduled to be processed days before shipping, to allow for changes. (Which can easily be made online, or with our friendly customer service department by phone or email.) And we will send tracking information once your order has shipped, so you will know exactly when to expect it. Automatic shipments are a practical, convenient, hassle-free solution to feeding your pets. Let us, help you. We can make your life just a little bit easier by giving you one less thing to worry about.

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