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KeepCalm“Everything changes and nothing stands still.” ~ Heraclitus

Over the past 20 years, Flint River Ranch has benefited from change in a number of areas; better testing and production equipment, improvement with U.S. ingredient suppliers, and improved processing and shipment of customer requirements. On the other hand, some things have not changed; the high quality of our ingredients, our superior oven baking process and our direct to the door customer service that bypasses the big-box chain stores. While a few incremental changes have taken place over the years, we believe we got the fundamentals of Flint River Ranch right from the beginning and there has never been a reason to change our methods of production, our wholesome ingredient base or our distribution method.

While it is important to be adaptable to change in order to grow both personally and in business, it is equally important to recognize when you are doing something right. While many companies are jumping on the natural health bandwagon to save their reputations and re-establish customer trust after product recalls. Flint River Ranch has been doing it right from the start. And you, our customer, have been there all along, ahead of the crowd.

All of our Flint River Ranch formulas have always been developed with a combination of clean human-grade meats, healthy carbohydrates, supplemental vitamins & minerals and beneficial herbs. Flint River Ranch has never used, nor will we ever seek to use, leftover animal or breakfast cereal by-products, added chemical preservatives, Chinese imports or GMO ingredients.

Our innovative oven-baking process uses computer controlled ovens to bake each of our dog and cat foods and treats. Our unique method of production insures that your pet will always receive the necessary nutrition he or she needs everyday from any one of our satisfyingly tasty, easy-to-digest, and nourishing foods.

We offer 5 signature oven-baked formulas of dog food, all guaranteed to delight your canine companion.

Original Oven-Baked Kibble and Nugget Formula
(Puppy & Adult Canine Formula)

Our protein source is high-quality Chicken Meal and Fish Meal, neither of which contains by-products. This all-natural oven baked food stands on its own – no additives or coatings – it tastes great all by itself!

Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Kibble
(Ultra Premium Canine Formula)

Our protein source includes Lamb Meal and White Fish, and the grain includes ground whole millet and whole rice, and rice bran. Our special oven baked recipe helps to maintain strong bones, a healthy digestive system and promotes a beautiful shiny skin coat.

Fish & Chips Nuggets
(Trout and Potato Formula)

Formulated with all-natural Trout and Potato, this oven baked nugget-shaped dog food is sure to please. Our formula is great for a chicken or lamb taste alternative, our picky pups love it!

Duck & Oatmeal Nuggets
(Adult Canine Formula)

Flint River Ranch’s new oven baked Duck Meal and Oatmeal adult dog formula is a gourmet blend of nutritionally balanced Duck meat proteins, carbohydrates, fats, veggies and fruit berries with vitamins, chelated minerals, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics.

Senior Plus
(Senior Adult Canine Formula)

Senior Formula dog food with a wholsome and rich source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate that helps maintain healthy joint cartilage in older, mature dogs.

Our Grain Free feline formula is also made with the same care and belief to provide your cat with a diet that will enhance his or her nutritional foundation as well.

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