Top 10 Reasons To Choose Flint River Ranch


Top 10 Reasons To Choose Flint River Ranch

(10) Twice oven baked for a healthier taste delight and higher digestibility.

(9) No animal by-products. Ever. – No “4D” meat sources.

(8) No artificial colors or dyes to make the food look “rich and meaty” to appeal to pet owners.

(7) No artificial chemical preservatives to extend shelf life. FRR uses tocopherols a natural antioxidant and source of Vitamin E.

(6) Cheaper to use than the competition. – Feed 20% to 25% less than most commercial brands.

(5) Personalized Service. Delivered fresh to your door – No extra cost.

(4) Sample packages available. Let your dog or cat tell you. Conduct your own “challenge” between our foods and other brands.

(3) Freshness and quality guaranteed. Multi-tiered testing of ingredients and finished product. – No Recalls Ever.

(2) No risk 30 day return policy.

(1) Better pet food because we care about your pets as much as we care about our own. Our foods will produce optimal results for your pet’s appearance (healthy skin, coat, teeth, and eyes), energy level, bone and joint health, immune system vitality, and digestion. — guaranteed.

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