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Flint River Ranch Tender Lovin’s Chicken Jerky is 100% USA sourced chicken, processed just for us at a small, family owned South Carolina smoker facility.

By now you have probably heard the news that the two biggest pet store corporations have finally acknowledged the safety concerns regarding treats made in China and have issued statements that they will discontinue sales in their stores AFTER March of 2015! That’s right… AFTER 2015. Countless recalls and sickened pets have finally provoked action. Unfortunately, it will take 12 months for this action to take place. Better late than never right? Tell that to the thousands of affected pets and their owners.

Actually, there is a lot going on in the pet food industry. Sadly, some of it is not positive, albeit business as usual.

More consolidation of major pet food brands continues as P&G is getting out of pet food and has sold the labels of Iams and Eukanuba to Mars. So now Mars; who already owns Pedigree, Whiska’s and Royal Canin (as well as Uncle Ben’s Rice and various sugary confections, gums and candy bars) has gone from controlling 19% of the pet food market to 28% in one deal. Nestle’s (Purina, Pro Plan, ONE, Beneful, Mighty Dog, Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies and much, much more) still controls about 50% of the pet food market.

Some companies are involved in lawsuits against other companies over advertising claims and marketing information concerning the quality of ingredients used and how the other company ranks their products. Purina is suing Blue; Blue is now counter suing Purina. Natural Balance is suing Heinz for supplying it with an ingredient that had latex in it. (However, it is noted that Natural Balance apparently never issued a recall for the finished product that reportedly had the latex in it in the first place.) All this can surely make customers worry. Rightfully so.

Flint River Ranch started manufacturing natural, holistic, oven-baked products; sourced & made in the USA, over 20 years ago. Jim Flint recognized the issue of sub-par ingredients back then and has consistently been making products utilizing the best ingredients that could be found. FRR has always used U.S.-sourced ingredients; barring lamb from New Zealand, Duck from France and ocean fish from the Pacific. The true quality of our ingredients are fully defined, our manufacturing process superior to industry standards and the expected results of our formulas are always what we want them to be. Further, we endeavor to tell our story without marketing hype or misdirection. Our truth is not hype. We feel this is important, not only to you, the customer, but to Flint River Ranch as well, for we take pride in our business and products.

We know that you will agree that when weighing the risks associated with feeding less expensive overseas brands, or feeding foods owned and produced by giant mega-conglomerate corporations with their hands in every industry from bottled water to lipstick; against FRR’s highly digestible, U.S.-sourced, human grade quality ingredients, personalized service, and shipping right to your door, feeding Flint River Ranch is well worth the value in good quality, honest treats and food that you can trust made by a company that you can believe in. We take that responsibility very seriously.

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