The whole gang loves Flint River Ranch

I just wanted to thank you for the quality food you make for my precious babies! I have a standard poodle that is 12 wks old, my mother has a mini poodle (6 wks old), my son a bluetick beage (14 wks old) and my daughter a morkie (2-1/2 yrs old) and they LOVE Flint River Ranch Dog Food.

My trainer for Finley gave us a sample to try and he mentioned that she would probably pick out the FRR and leave the Blue she had been eating … well, I didn’t believe it because she devours her Blue. Lo and Behold … she did exactly what he said! I couldn’t believe it. I have since ordered FRR and gave my mom, son and daughter samples for their beloved pets. The 6 wk old would not eat anything, but when offered the FRR (softened) she didn’t want to stop eating it. Amazing! I haven’t heard back from my son and daughter, however I expect the same results :-)


Again, thank you for your wonderful product and more importantly your investment in OUR COUNTRY by keeping your product “Made in the USA”!


~ Tina

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