Tucker Loves His Essential Greens!

Tucker02I wanted to get back to you on the supplement that I am using now from Flint River Ranch, the Essential Greens supplement is really going over well with Tucker! I have slowly started him out with just a scoop per feeding as the instructions mention.  He just loves the liquid over his food, he actually eats it so fast I am trying to get him to calm down while eating.

Tucker really loves the taste, and it’s only been 3 weeks but I already seeing his energy going through the roof.  He has always been a happy pup, but now his tail is wagging even faster and his over all attitude is even happier.  Tucker’s breath is getting better, the other supplement we tried had such a stong fish odor that it was actually affecting his mouth and on his toys, etc.  Now he is back to a normal lab mouth odor. One final thing is his coat, I have noticed less hair when I brush him (which is every day sometimes) but there is much less hair and usually for this time of year, he has started his spring hair shedding.

I wanted to let you know how nicely this is all working into his diet and how much he loves the Essential Greens formula, and how much I am enjoying seeing Tucker even happier!  Thank you very much for your pet friendly products.

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