Sweetie loves her Trout & Potato dinners

sweetie1I was introduced to your dog food through a private distributor who trains dogs. She knew that I was overwhelmed by my rescue of a 10 year old poodle who was a breeder at a puppy mill-caged for nine years. Not only was she terrified, was not potty trained, did not know how to play or walk on a leash, she had only 9 teeth-only two of which meet to grind her food. She also came to me with a very sensitive stomach. I tried everything to get her to eat, many name brand foods and evenhome made. My trainer suggested I try your kibbles because they are soft enough to break in half. I am on my second bag of trout and potato which Sweetie tolerates well. Your customer Service person was so helpful and kind. Your food smells so good-like people food. Thank you for effort you put into creating such a healthy, wholesome, safe, and digestible food for my Sweetie.
Sincerely, Pat Williams

– Swartz Creek, Michigan

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