Rudy the cat

cat-silhouetteI just wanted to thank you guys for producing a quality pet food.  I’ll never go back to a low-quality brand.

Just over a year ago my husband brought home a kitten for my birthday.  We had adopted him from a household that feeds neighborhood cats and takes in injured and sick strays, nurses them, spays/neuters, and sends them back out when they’re healthy or tries to get them adopted if they’re clearly cut of the indoor kitty mold.

Our cat, Rudy, was tiny and scared when we brought him and all his extra toes home (he’s a heckuva polydactyl totalling 23 very cute toes in all).  When the rescue house had taken him in, he was malnourished and very sick and so small they guessed him at about 3 weeks old and bottle fed him!  We adopted him at the estimated age of 3 months only to find out he was at least 6 months old and FeLV positive.  The doc told us not to expect him to live more than two years at best, so we put a lot of time and energy into getting him to play and grow and eat as much as possible.

When we’d had him about 8 months he started to get picky about food, not even wanting to eat the wet foods that we had previously used to tempt him when his dry palate was waning.  We knew if he stopped eating his health would go quickly, so we did a frantic search trying to find some sort of food that would keep him going.  Nothing worked.  Until I ordered Flint River Ranch food.  Not only is our cat crazy about it, but he eats it like it’s going out of style (pretty good for a guy who’s under eight pounds and allegedly terminally ill).

He is healthier, more active, and more energetic (and maybe more ornery too) than he’s ever been and I am 100% certain it has everything to do with the high quality of his diet.  I know it’s not a particularly moving story, but he’s the first pet my husband and I have owned as a couple (we just married 2 years ago) and we’re pretty attached to him.  It means a lot to us that it is actually in our power to keep him healthy as long as possible to have the best–if unreasonably short–life he can have.

Thank you for making such a high quality product.  I know you have added months if not years onto Rudy’s life, and it’s deeply appreciated.

Angie Segler

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