Maddie the rescue dog!


Our family just rescued a 3yr old weimaraner that was being ‘abused’ by the dogs that she lived with, and she had recently had a litter of puppies. Her hair was about fifty percent gone from stress, she smelled bad, and had little bumps all over. I had seen Flint River Ranch on the Internet and decided to try it. It arrived two days after our dog, she was refusing to eat anything at all, but when the FRR arrived she ate an entire bowl of it. Her hair is already coming back in great, she even is starting to get compliments from people at the dog park!

Today our new bag arrived, this time the fish and chips, well Maddie was literally biting the bag before I could even get it out of the box. She still has some Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice left but I opened the new bag to give her a taste, I practically had to fight her off of it, I gave her a handful and she gobbled it up like she was starving! Thank you so much FRR for the great products, Maddie loves them and I love the wonderful customer service and FAST shipping (my orders get here about two days after I order them and I am in Nevada) we can’t sing your praises enough and I will recommend your products to all that I know! Our beautiful rescue dog is only getting better every day and we have you to thank for it!

-Evans Family

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