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pet-tales-kolbyAs a professional therapist, I’m trained to research all aspects of an issue before making a decision. So, when we decided to add a new canine companion to our family, I set out looking for the breed that featured those traits most suited to our lifestyles. Not only did I want a dog that would fit into our family dynamics, which already included Muffy, our 5-year-old alpha Shih-tzu, but one that could help me with my work counseling troubled individuals.

Once I settled on the English-type Labrador Retriever, I began to search for reputable breeders. After experiencing the disappointment of a litter of all females with a local breeder – we wanted a male – I found a photo of a chunky little fellow at Canaanland Labradors in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Before long, my husband and I were driving home from the airport with our 9 week old pup, large boned, proud and playful. We named him Kolby, which we’d originally chosen for our first-born son, then decided otherwise, many years before. The very next day, he accompanied me to work, and he’s done so practically every day since. He has a special way of providing comfort to clients who’ve experienced significant loss or difficult life events and has developed a group of fans among them.

Kolby’s been in training since he was 4 months old, beginning with a puppy class and progressing through the levels of obedience. Soon, he’ll test to become a Certified Therapy Dog, and will be able to visit nursing home residents. He’s also earned several points toward his championship in both the United States and Canada under the guidance of a professional handler. However, points and ribbons mean far less to us than a happy, healthy dog – and that is exactly what Kolby is.

Kolby’s health is of the utmost importance to me, which lead me to choose Flint River Ranch dog food. Ever the researcher, I learned as much as I possibly could about Flint River Ranch, and was impressed with the balance of ingredients and human-grade quality. I’m often asked about Kolby’s diet, because he is so healthy and robust, and I always reply without hesitation, “I feed him nothing but Flint River Ranch dog food.”

Thank you all, for providing me and other dog owners with such a fine product to help us maintain the health of the dogs we love!

Thank You! S. Burke

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