Cody loves Flint River Ranch

Cody enjoys a day on the lake.

Cody enjoys a day on the lake.

Just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with the quality of your Dog Food that I have added my Mom’s dog and my Dad’s dog to my autoship program. Each recently got new dogs and I wanted to help them out with healthy food for their new pets.

I love the Autoship program, I don’t have to remember when it’s time to re-order and I never run out of fresh food.

Cody recently had a Vet checkup and the Vet was thoroughly impressed with his overall health. Cody loves Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips Formula Dog Food. The Vet asked me how often we have his teeth cleaned, I responded that we haven’t had them cleaned. He didn’t believe me. Cody has never had any breath odor at all. We only feed him FRR Fish & Chips. Cody weighs in at a healthy 72 pounds and we only feed him 1 cup twice a day! The Vet said we may want to consider REDUCING the quantity slightly. One cup of food sure doesn’t look like much in a dog bowl, but apparently there is more than enough nutrition to keep him healthy and satisfied. I originally thought that FRR foods were more expensive than store bought foods. Now, I firmly believe that a healthier dog is less expensive to maintain and far outweighs the minimal diference in cost of purchasing a healthier food.

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