Only the BEST Ingredients in Flint River Ranch Dog Food

I wasn’t an informed pet foot expert prior to getting our Italian Greyhound puppy.  Baby, a 14-year old long haired chihuahua, and twix, a seven year old long haired chihuahua had always eaten whatever dog food I had a coupon for… they seemed fine with their diets.  However, when I tried giving Lexus, the Italian Greyhound puppy, the same diet, her story wasn’t the same at all! Yeast in her ears and a trip to the emergency vet due to hives from an allergic reaction caused this pet owner to begin investigating pet food ingredients.  Much to my dismay, I wasn’t helping my pets out too much by giving them cheap pet food.  After researching ingredients, I was led to Flint River Ranch.  Hives gone….yeast disappeared….All three of my dogs love your adult and puppy original kibble and Lexus, especially gets super excited when her food arrives at the door!


Thank you so much for caring enough to only put the best ingredients into your product.  We so appreciate you.

– Kandi

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