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Dog not allowed on the bed [Video] :)

There’s one rule in this house … the dog is not allowed on the bed. What the pet parents couldn’t figure out was, why was there so much dog hair on the bed every time they came home from work. So, clever people that they are, they set up a video camera to find out.

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Parvovirus [video]

vimeoIn this month’s episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reviews one of those I’ve-heard-mentioned-before-but-don’t-know-very-much-about canine health topics, Parvovirus. Sadly, with spring comes a seasonal increase in this potentially lethal disease, so you and your pup need to be prepared. Our staff veterinarian explains what the disease is,

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Tucker Loves His Essential Greens!

Tucker02I wanted to get back to you on the supplement that I am using now from Flint River Ranch, the Essential Greens supplement is really going over well with Tucker! I have slowly started him out with just a scoop per feeding as the instructions mention.  

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Flint River Ranch – Tender Lovin’s Smoked Chicken Jerky Treats

Flint River Ranch - Tender Lovin's Smoked Chicken Jerky Treats

Tender Lovin’s Smoked Chicken Jerky Treats

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Flint River Ranch – Feel Good About What You Feed [infographic]

Flint River Ranch - Feel Good About What You Feed [infographic]

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This good food saved my dogs life!

Molly2My Molly is 7 years old now, but when we brought her home she was very mopey.  All she wanted to do is lay around.

Since then, we have been feeding her Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult kibble her whole life. Once she started eating Flint River Ranch food she was a different dog!  

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Meet Rosie!

Rosie as one of our newest Flint River Ranch customers!  What a cutie!


Welcome to the FRR family Rosie!

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Libby Loves her Food!


Prior to your changing the original Flint River Ranch kibble product, I had to hammer some of the larger pieces that my little Yorkie, Libby, would not eat.  That also made the smaller ones go to dust.  My new order came in a few weeks ago and I was surprised on how it looked. 

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Only the BEST Ingredients in Flint River Ranch Dog Food

I wasn’t an informed pet foot expert prior to getting our Italian Greyhound puppy.  Baby, a 14-year old long haired chihuahua, and twix, a seven year old long haired chihuahua had always eaten whatever dog food I had a coupon for… they seemed fine with their diets.  However, when I tried giving Lexus,

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We Love Flint River Ranch!

We love Flint River Ranch



All of the Gang @ High Roller Labradors Las Vegas

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