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Essential Greens

Essential Greens


Flint River Ranch’s Essential Greens promotes health and longevity, with vitamins and minerals from

natural sources. Increase your pets energy, improve their overall health, skin and coat while naturally helping to reduce plaque and tarter!

This exciting new superfood can be added to any FRR dog or cat food formula (or any food) as a food topper and supplement (makes a delicious gravy or can be used dry). Essential Greens was formulated using the “essence” of Dry Water ingredients, plus more!

Our new Essential Greens supplement is a hit! Heres what some of our customers have to say:

My cat has had an issue with throwing up after meals her entire life. After just days of feeding the Essential greens along with her Grain Free cat food, her vomiting and gagging has almost stopped completely. She still has the occasional reoccurrence, but I can tell the Greens will be a valuable supplement for my otherwise healthy cat.” – Lonnie in Ft Worth,Tx.

I fed the Drywater formula to my Terrier for years and was a little concerned when I heard the food was being replaced by a new powdered “green” product. I took a chance and ordered a canister and my little guy loves it! I just add a little powder to his kibble along with some cool water and he laps his dinner right up. Thanks FRR!” – Logan in Phoenix, Az

Give it a try yourself, and tell us what your pet thinks!

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