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Another reason to {heart} pets

dog_heart_blogIt’s a timely message for February’s American Heart Month: Pets can be good for your heart and your overall health.

You probably always knew that at some level.

So exactly what is it that our beloved companions do to make us healthier?

Of course there’s that good feeling we get when we smile and laugh at their antics.

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Herbal Remedies for Dogs

calendula flowerEight Herbs to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Herbs. How boring would your Bolognese sauce be without them? Herbs have long been used to treat and prevent ailments in people, and apart from smelling good and adding an extra something to your cooking, certain herbs can help out your dog,

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UPS My Choice program

UPS My Choice program As you know, Flint River Ranch primarily uses UPS as our shipping partner.  But, did you know that UPS has a program for its recipients that will help you to manage all of your UPS shipping more effectively for your needs? 

Some of the benefits are:

  • You’ll be notified of your incoming UPS shipments.

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Flint River Ranch – Essential Greens [InfoGraphic]


Flint River Ranch’s Essential Greens promotes health and longevity, with vitamins and minerals from

natural sources. Increase your pets energy, improve their overall health, skin and coat while naturally helping to reduce plaque and tarter!

This exciting new superfood can be added to any FRR dog or cat food formula (or any food) as a food topper and supplement (makes a delicious gravy or can be used dry).

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Maximize Your Dogs Diet With Rotational Feeding

Happy New Year from your Flint River Ranch Family!

You can support all of your dog’s nutritional needs this year with a rotational diet from Flint River Ranch. To accomplish this, Flint River Ranch offers a variety of formulas to support a holistically based, rotational feeding philosophy. Rotational feeding put simply means,

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