Flint River Ranch Production Update

apologyDear Flint River Ranch Family,

Flint River Ranch production has returned at our plant and all products are being cooked. Our Riverside, CA LW has received their shipment and is in the process of shipping out their backorders today. Stockton, CA should be getting a small shipment in late today or tomorrow morning and shipping as soon as received also. Aurora, CO is getting a FedEx truck today and should be s…hipping tomorrow. Naperville, NH & Jackson, MO & Shreveport, LA, Fort Worth, TX and Middletown, PA are all showing delivery of product tomorrow. Specifically, this is in regards to our DOG formula which has been sent in small shipments to LW’s across the country as we’ve needed this formula the most.We are going through all Back-Orders of FRR Original Puppy & Adult and completing those shipments with this initial lot. We will have resupply container trucks moving out next week with our regular fulfillment orders inside.

I know how difficult this has been to everyone. We’ve never had a situation like this before and because FRR does not store excess products, we just did not have an adequate supply of some of our products to last over the 30 days of the plant being shut down.

I truly regret the challenge that this has caused to you and your pets. I wish that we could have handled this issue differently but with the plant not able to make the stated timeline of repairs, the Thanksgiving holiday causing a shortened shipping week and FRR not carrying backup product to handle lack of production for a month – this has just been a mess. There was no easy way to fix it other then getting production back up as quickly as we could.

Thank you very much for your patience and again, please accept my sincerest apology for not being able to provide some of you with the products you needed when you wanted them.  I will being making small adjustments to prevent having this issue again, but I will not make huge batches to sit around in the warehouses.  It’s inefficient, the product gets stale and doesn’t insure that you always get “fresh baked products”

Sincerely, Jay P.

Flint River Ranch

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