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Dogs recognize pictures of their owners

frr-dogA young girl whose family had one dog and two cats asked her mother, a college graduate and wife of a college professor, “Mommie, do animals have feelings?” Mommie answered, “I don’t know dear. Science hasn’t discovered that yet.” That was a true episode overheard directly by this author.

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10 ways owning a pet benefits your health

dogPet owners know how much their furry friend improves their quality of life. But it’s not all about unconditional love — although that actually provides a wellness boost, too. On an emotional level, owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety; health-wise, it can lower your blood pressure,

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Mushroom Compound Lengthens Lives for Dogs with Cancer by more than 400%, Research Finds

A Chinese mushroom is offering hope to some pet owners in the treatment of hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that shortens life to a matter of days. The compound has been found to extend the lifespans of cancer-stricken dogs by Researchers believe the mushroom could eventually help humans in the fight against cancer as well.

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Pet Gallery Photo Contest –

Photo Contest

Pet Gallery

Being the first Flint River Ranch website on the internet, we have received lots of pet photos from our customers over the past 20 years! We have been searching for an interactive way to share these photos with you, and we believe we have found it.

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Flint River Ranch Production Update

apologyDear Flint River Ranch Family,

Flint River Ranch production has returned at our plant and all products are being cooked. Our Riverside, CA LW has received their shipment and is in the process of shipping out their backorders today. Stockton, CA should be getting a small shipment in late today or tomorrow morning and shipping as soon as received also.

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Are You Poisoning Your Pet? Things You Need To Know About The Pet Food Industry


“One of the dirty little secrets kept by the pet food industry is that some by-products also contain substances such as abscesses and cancerous material. In my opinion, feeding slaughterhouse waste to animals increases their chances of getting cancer and other degenerative diseases. Some meat, especially glandular tissue,

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