The Perfect Kibble Is Here!


You spoke – we listened

You spoke – we listened

Tails are waggin’ over our new kibble shapes! After receiving waves of feedback regarding the fragility of the kibble pieces, Flint River Ranch took action to develop a new way of manufacturing the kibble in order to keep them from becoming crushed during transit. All of our super premium kibble formulas are now slowly baked in carefully formed kibble shapes so that every bite is consistently crunchy, substantial, and delicious. The ingredients and texture haven’t changed – and dogs of all sizes are lovin’ the new shapes!

Most dog foods are quickly extruded at high temperatures into uniform shapes; Flint River Ranch is unique: we minimize processing and slowly bake our food in an oven just like grandmother did, naturally. Baking maximizes digestibility and palatability, creating the ultimate food for your dog.

Why change a good thing? The process of breaking the food after baking resulted in some very small pieces that often get smaller during shipping. We want to minimize unnecessary breakage and maximize your dog’s dinner satisfaction!

What’s changed? The “dough” is now formed into a variety of kibble shapes before baking to minimize breakage while keeping the same great taste and nutrition as before.

We’re very excited about this improvement! Our dogs are loving it and we’d enjoy hearing about yours! Please reply if you have any questions or comments.

The new kibble is perfect! We guarantee your dog will love it!

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