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Natur’s Way Pet Probiotics

Natur’s Way Pet Probiotics

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Smiles All Around for GRIN’s Work


Even though the U.S. has seen a dramatic reduction in the annual number of dogs and cats euthanized – rates are one-quarter to one-fifth of those in decades past – an estimated 2.7 million still fail to be adopted every year. Given that 25-40% of rescue dogs are purebred,

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The Secrets of Cat Whispering [video]

vimeoSome people just have a knack for attracting the affections of cats. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter category, you should definitely watch this short episode of Pet Talk, where Dr. Sarah reveals the secrets to ‘cat whispering’. Joined by Alvis, her feline guest-host, our staff veterinarian presents an excellent tutorial for those interested in learning the proper way to pet a cat.

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Back for the Holidays – Dog & Cat Holiday Gift Packs

For two years in a row our Flint River Ranch customers have raved about the quality of this Santa Dragon toy, so it is back again by popular demand! Santa Dragon supplies are limited, so please order early. Great gift item for your friends’ dogs too! Give your furry friend a holiday gift he or she will love!

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Flint River Ranch – New Essential Greens Supplement

all-naturalFlint River Ranch’s Essential Greens promotes health and longevity, with vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

Increase your pets energy, improve their overall health, skin and coat while naturally helping to reduce plaque and tarter!

This exciting new superfood can be added to any FRR dog or cat food formula (or any food) as a food topper and supplement (makes a delicious gravy or can be used dry).

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Flint River Ranch – Grain Free Cat & Kitten Food

Grain Free Cat & Kitten Formula

(Super Premium, Grain Free Cat Food)

all-naturalFlint River Ranch introduces its New Grain Free Cat Formula! This Chicken and White Fish formula contains no grains to provide your cat or kitten with optimum nutrition for health,

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Cat Purrs Healing Power

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Can dogs detect cancer?

dog_noseBy Corinne Ryan, AAHA Accreditation Coordinator

Cancer sniffing dogs—are they a hoax? Not according to research. A 2011 Japanese study showed that ordinary dogs can be trained to use their sense of smell to detect various kinds of cancer with near-perfect accuracy—even better than any standard medical test for the disease.

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The Perfect Kibble Is Here!

You spoke – we listened

Tails are waggin’ over our new kibble shapes! After receiving waves of feedback regarding the fragility of the kibble pieces, Flint River Ranch took action to develop a new way of manufacturing the kibble in order to keep them from becoming crushed during transit.

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Nubbins and His Bird Buddy Pose for 2014 Calendar

When Nubbins the cat was first brought to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was emaciated, riddled with birdshot, and had tumors hanging from both of his ears. But the minute he was removed from his carrier by his rescuers, he started purring. He knew he was finally safe; relief was here at last.

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