Flint River Ranch Has Turned 20!

The Flint River Ranch Company turned 20 this week!

From the Flint River Ranch Company president Jay P. Margedant:

As I reflect on the first 20 years of Flint River Ranch, my mind continues to divert from initial thoughts of ‘Where we’ve come from’ to ‘Who has been a part of this success?’ and ‘Are we still making what they want and need in pet food?’

Yes, we were part of the initial push to natural pet foods and treats in America. We were first with home delivery of pet products AND one of the first manufacturers to offer ‘natural, oven-baked freshness’ foundation to all of our formulas (and we still do!). Our three-warehouse operation has grown to a network of 10 Logistical Warehouses, which places our fresh products closer to customers and enables us to provide very quick UPS Ground Service delivery for our customers while streamlining shipping costs to help reduce the price for customers.

Flint River Ranch has always been a family-owned, American-run business, using U.S.-sourced ingredients and staying away from Chinese materials. We have always used top-quality, U.S.D.A.-rated human-grade products in our formulas. We have always focused on natural, holistic formulas that enhance your pet’s nutritional life from the inside out. Our foundation remains the same as when Jim Flint started this company back in 1993.

What I continue to reflect on today is that our success is due to our loyal customers and the family of hardworking Independent Distributors selling and supporting Flint River Ranch products. Together, you have been the driving force behind everything we try to do. Your willingness to trust and invest in our products is a key reason that the Flint River Ranch Company has been here for 20 years.

To our customers throughout the U.S., thank you! I love the notes, photos and funny stories you share with us about your beloved family pets and their experiences with Flint River Ranch! And trust me — we truly know the responsibility that we have in feeding your pets. We know the faith that you have put in us to provide your pets with the proper nutrition that they need to thrive! We do our best to continue to not just get orders to you quickly, but to make sure our products are always consistent, fresh and healthy. We will work hard to continuously improve our offerings and earn your trust.

Thank you for having faith in our products and belief in our process! I look forward to our next 20 years and future developments in natural pet nutrition!

As always, thank you for your orders, interest and support of Flint River Ranch!

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