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Talking About Ticks (video)

If ticks were human-size, they’d be one of the scariest creatures on the planet. Even though ticks are tiny, they’re still an awful nuisance, especially if you don’t know how to minimize contact and the damage they can inflict if contact occurs. Over the course of the last couple of decades,

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Rudy the cat

I just wanted to thank you guys for producing a quality pet food.  I’ll never go back to a low-quality brand.

catJust over a year ago my husband brought home a kitten for my birthday.  We had adopted him from a household that feeds neighborhood cats and takes in injured and sick strays,

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Maddie the rescue dog!

MaddieOur family just rescued a 3yr old Weimaraner that was being ‘abused’ by the dogs that she lived with, and she had recently had a litter of puppies. Her hair was about fifty percent gone from stress, she smelled bad, and had little bumps all over. I had seen FRR on the Internet and decided to try it.

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Vinny, Lulu & Pearl

Our Aunt Peggy brought us your Trout & Potato Dog treats, from Atlanta to Newport, Rhode Island, when she came to visit us at Christmastime. WE LOVED THEM!

When she got back home, she sent us your trout & potato dog food. WE LOVE IT! Thanks to Aunt Peggy and Flint River Ranch

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Cody loves Flint River Ranch

codyJust wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with the quality of your Dog Food that I have added my Mom’s dog and my Dad’s dog to my autoship program. Each recently got new dogs and I wanted to help them out with healthy food for their new pets.

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MollyMolly was adopted  on Mother’s Day 2009 from a bad shelter in Northern California. She shed tons of prickly white hairs in her first few months with us. But once she began eating Flint River Ranch her coat is shinny and healthy. She didn’t really need more energy since she is a smooth fox terrier,

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Luna loves Kibble

Dear Flint River Ranch,

Dog eating Flint River RanchOur 2 yr old Border Collie/Black Lab mix Luna just loves the original formula of FRR kibble. When the new shipment arrives she sniffs the box until we get the bag out and then has to be the first to sample a mouthful of fresh morsels.

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Our new puppy Gia

GiaOur new puppy Gia was on a high quality dog food but it was still causing her problems. We decided to give Flint River a try and am happy to say she is now doing great!!! My 13 year old was recently switched to Senior Formula and I have seen improvement in her also.

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