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Foundation Award to Cats Exclusive

Foundation LogoThis month, we’d like to highlight another financial award given by the Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation, this time to Cats Exclusive, a no-kill, non-profit, feline rescue organization committed to helping their South Florida community – both felines and humans alike.

Cats Exclusive has been in continuous operation since 1979,

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Canine Vestibular Disease

Have you ever noticed your dog leaning his head to one side, as if listening to something, for extended periods of time? Or worse, his eyes twitching or suddenly losing his balance? If so, he could be suffering from Canine Vestibular Disease, which is fairly common among older dogs.

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Tricks for Bonita Flakes

cat silhouetteWe started using Bonita Flakes since early December 2011 and just had to share with you that my tom cat has gotten very smart as to getting more treats. Every morning he has to go outside rain or shine or freezing cold and he knows the minute he comes back in he gets a treat.

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Jake and Molly

Jake and MollyJake is a 4 year old Rough coat Collie and Molly is an 8 yr old rough coat Jack Russell Terrier. Jake came to us from a breeder in Minnesota when he was 5 months old and we recently adopted Molly from a Clinic in Dallas, Texas, she is 8 yrs old.

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Kolby’s Diet

KolbyAs a professional therapist, I’m trained to research all aspects of an issue before making a decision. So, when we decided to add a new canine companion to our family, I set out looking for the breed that featured those traits most suited to our lifestyles. Not only did I want a dog that would fit into our family dynamics,

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ZebZeb had arthroscopic surgery on both elbows and is healing beautifully. I know his healthy diet of Flint River Ranch original Kibble & Dry Water are a contributing factor in how well he is doing. As soon as he got home one of the first things he wanted was his FRR antler!

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Nursing Kittens

Nursing KittensWe had 4 kitties born on our porch and shortly after their eyes were fairly well opened, and mother was still nursing, she was hit and killed on the road. The kittens needed some nutrition to survive so we took FRR Cat and Kitten food, watered it down to the thickness of mothers milk.

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