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Foundation Aids Rescue Group in Tornado-Ravaged Alabama

Rescued DogOn April 27th, a massive storm system spawned over 180 tornadoes across the southeastern U.S., cutting a swathe of damage, injuries and death. The majority of the destruction occurred in Alabama, where tornados reached strengths of F4 and F5, the most destructive possible. Nearly 4,000 businesses were shuttered due to extensive damage.

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Five Biggest Mistakes New Pet Parents Make (video)

We’ve all been there. Looking into the pleading eyes of a puppy or kitten who needs a good home. In that moment, it’s hard to think straight. Fortunately, Dr. Sarah is here to help. In this episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah discusses the five biggest mistakes that new pet parents make,

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Six Tips for a Pet-Safe Summer

woman walking dogs outsideThe last days of May signal the unofficial start of summer for folks, young and old, across the country. But with these carefree months of no homework and summer Fridays comes an increased risk for illness or injury for our furry pals. 

From unpredictable weather to unusual routines,

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Flint River Ranch efforts in Japan and elsewhere.

Flint River Ranch has added more pallets of DOG and CAT formulas to the latest container going overseas.  We will continue to help out and assist as we can with the recovery efforts there.  Our Japanese distributors states that while efforts continue and food is still needed, it does seem that the urgency is slowing down a bit.

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Bonita Flakes


Bonita Flake Cat TreatsI wanted to assure everyone about our supply of Flint River Ranch Bonita Flakes and the issue of radiation from Japan.  Fortunately at the time of the Japanese disaster, we still had a good amount of flakes available for our orders.  We immediately secured,

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Great Dane plays mom to 30 chicks

Great Dane with chicksBy Elaine O’Connor, The Province

Marmaduke watches over his little friends

Playing with sweet, fuzzy baby chicks is an Easter ritual for many children.

But this year, the children from one Kelowna family had to make it past one over-protective hen-mother to do so: the family dog.

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Recall of Pig Ears for Pet Treats

Manufacturer Says Pet Treats Have Possible Contamination With Salmonella

An Illinois manufacturer of pet snacks has issued a recall of its Pig Ears for Pet Treats animal chews due to possible salmonella contamination, according to a posting on the FDA’s web site.

Key Manufacturing Co.

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Have you ever woke up in the wrong bed?

Dogs in their beds

Have you ever woke up in the wrong bed?

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Top Ten Ways to Help Your Local Shelter

volunteer with kittensYou don’t have to be an animal expert to help out at your community’s shelter. You just need to have the time and desire to lend a helping hand. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of time, either. In fact, whatever you do for a living, you’re bound to have skills and talents that your local shelter can use.

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15 Interesting Dog Facts

Hound DogOwning dogs my entire life and being the dog enthusiast that I am, I like to think that I’m pretty familiar with many facts about dogs.  Well, every now and then I discover some interesting facts about dogs that surprise me! Listed below are some commonly-known ones that most of us are familiar with,

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