Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food Signature Brand Formula

Flint river ranch duck and oatmeal dog food

The new Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food Signature Brand formula is an all natural, oven-baked ultra premium dog food that’s perfect for the allergic dog or pet that requires a reduced-grain and non-wheat-based diet. The FRR Duck and Oatmeal formula is free of corn, wheat, chicken, and soy — four of the most common allergens in dog foods — making it an ideal diet of choice for dogs prone to skin or food-related allergies.

We’re building on the foundation that the Flint River Ranch “Fish & Chips” Trout and Potato Dog Food formula initiated by utilizing the best aspects of its formula as the core of our new “Signature Brand” line of nugget-shaped, oven-baked dog foods. The Duck and Oatmeal dog food formula is the second release under the Flint River Ranch Signature Brand philosophy of creating new formulas with core ingredients being very similar and therefore greatly easing the transitional periods that some food-sensitive dogs run into.
The “Signature Brand” formulas will incorporate a “mix of different proteins” within a pet’s diet to better enable dogs to garner different nutritional aspects from these variations. At the same time, the proteins will be more concentrated and savory in their own unique formula.

The goal is to create a formula line that will present the various proteins of Fish, Duck, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and perhaps Venison as the key ingredients in separate formulas with a variety of complementary fats. There will be no wheat, rice, corn or soybeans in any of these formulas and there will be an emphasis on more unique ingredients, utilizing oats, potatoes (sweet and white), and more fruits and vegetables than have been traditionally used within this new line.

This wheat-free, rice-free dog food formula also makes an ideal choice for those troubled by the melamine-contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate ingredients in the international pet food recall (No Flint River Ranch formulas have ever been recalled).

Our Duck and Oatmeal dog food formula comes in the larger “nugget” size and also packs a healthy assortment of herbs, fruits, probiotics, digestive enzymes, essential vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat — all resulting in better nutrition, palatability, and digestibility. 

Ordering information for the Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal formula coming soon!

We’re such strong believers in Flint River Ranch premium pet foods that we encourage you to give your best friend(s) the Flint River Ranch Taste Test — let your dogs show you which food they prefer, and then take comfort in knowing you’ll be feeding them the absolute best in nutrition and taste

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Posted: 04/28/2010 at 08:01 AM
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Posted: 04/28/2010 at 08:01 AM
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