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Greetings from Flint River Ranch

We’ve recieved some queries from new Customers and Distributors about product evaluation, testing and production of Flint River Ranch products. The following outlines will help you to understand our basic product handling procedures. 

Product ingredients are evaluated based on formulation, industry history, computer analysis, supplier certification, nutritional documentation, in-house lab nutritional review and the results of test production runs. All products must exceed the nutritional profiles of the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

Ingredients are obtained from human-quality ingredient suppliers and they must be certified by the USDA, FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Before unloading dry ingredients:

  1. The written certifications and documentation is reviewed and confirmed.
  2. Samples are provided to the in-house lab for analysis of protein, moisture, fat and ash before unloading. (This includes testing for Salmonella, b-Coli and Mycotoxin and other toxins.)
  3. Dry ingredients are run through a series of magnets.

Before unloading raw meat ingredients:

  1. The written certification and documentation is reviewed and confirmed.
  2. Samples obtained for lab analysis and sensory analysis
  3. Meat temperature is reviewed and confirmed.
  4. Salmonella and enterobacteriaceae test are completed.

Oil receiving:

  1. Written certification and documentation is reviewed and confirmed.
  2. Sample pulled for lab analysis – sensory analysis.
  3. Free fatty acid test.

 Baked Production line setup:

  1. Cookie die installed and profiled
  2. Oven and temperature profile set up and tested.
  3. Computer profile set for formula mix, including:

   a.    Dry ingredients profile
   b.    Oil addition profile
   c.    Grinder profile (breaks cookie into kibble shape)
   d.    Cooler profile

On-line Testing:

  1. Visual testing of product size and color.
  2. Review of mixing time.
  3. Sample taken every 15 minutes from oven to lab QC testing for protein, moisture, fiber and fat with any necessary computer adjustments..
  4. Oil temperature, flow rate, QC testing.
  5. On-line oven zone temperature testing.
  6. Entry and exit belt speed. 
  7. Cooling fan velocity and pressure.
  8. Quality Control ingredient weight mix.

Additional quality checks:


Control indicators

a.      Veratrox AST kit for Aflatox test
b.      Veratox DDN 5/5 it for Vomitoxin test

Scale calibration for target weights; Hand weigh 5 bags every 15 minutes for proper packaging, weight, check code dates and sealing.

Test for Vitamin/Mineral optimal mix


Finished product QC testing and sample retained for 6 months
(Some technical terms have not been included)

We hope that this outline will help you to understand some of the complexity in controls of Flint River Ranch products and what steps we’ve always taken to insure that we provide you with the finest and safest product we can produce.  We will continue to outline more about our formulas and processes as the year progresses.

Thank you for trusting in Flint River Ranch.  We want you to “feel good about what you feed”!

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Posted: 03/04/2010 at 06:46 PM
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Posted: 03/04/2010 at 06:46 PM
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