Testimonials 2006

I have five toy breed dogs, finicky eaters. Never
have I seen them eat any dry food like they eat your food. They actually growl
at each other over the broken chunks. I don’t know what you are doing but keep
it up. My guys have been eating flint river for around 2 months and are so
bright, and energetic, clear eyed, minimum poop!!!!, I can’t say enough.
Dorothy H.

I think you have a terrific website — and
the best and most efficient ordering site I have ever used. Great job! I really
like having the website to order whenever I need to order. Thanks,
Betsy P.
We have an older lab that was having problems
with her coat and skin. Also, she was losing weight. The vet said it coud be the
corn filler in the supermarket dog food we were giving her.

After one month on Flint River, Daisy has
now gained weight and her coat is beautiful! Skin problems have disappeared so
she is comfortable. The vet said:

can’t be the same dog!”

When we changed to
your product, I thought Daisy might reject the new food, but she gobbled it up!
Daisy’s Mom
Hi, I just wanted to let you know I ordered
and received your puppy kibble and I was at my last resort with my Chihuahua 7
month old. She won’t eat any puppy food I buy her and I buy Quality food not
from stores with still no luck she sticks her nose up at it. We do not feed her
people food because I am a vet tech and it is not healthy for them. The minute I
received your food (Rapid shipping I might add) I offered it to Lily and she ate
the whole bowl and wanted more!!!! I am lost for words except A BIG THANK YOU. I
found your food on Spencer’s (Little dog Website) and I knew I had nothing to
loose!! Thanks again and you have a lifetime customer!!!!!!
Sandra B.
have always left the bag of dog food where our 14 year-old dog could reach it.
When I introduced Flint River Ranch and put the food bag in the same room as
always, he chewed a hole in the side of the bag to get to it! He has
never done that with any other food. I put the food into a plastic bin,
but before I could put the cover on it, he had his head in it, and I could
hardly pull him away. Thank you!”
Susan in Minnesota
you so much. You are wonderful. We are so happy to have found Flint River Ranch.
Our dogs love the food and the dogs with allergies are much improved.

Just as an FYI, last year two of our dogs
were diagnosed with cancer. As a nurse, I decided to do some investigation, and
found that just like humans; dogs suffer from food related disease such as food.
After quite a bit of research, I settled on Flint River Ranch as being our best
option. We are thrilled with the product and service. We have told many dog and
cat owners about FRR and will continue to do so. Again, thank you for
Sherri S.


Mr. Margedant,

Thank you for your call back
tonight. I have been using Flint River Ranch food for my Schnauzers for about 6
years now. I purchased a pup from a breeder in Tenn. I told her about the
problems I have had with my Schnauzers which went from stomach, to stones, to
bad skin problems, seizures and the list just went on and on. I though there was
no such thing as a “well” Schnauzer.

said that I would need to put them on Flint River Ranch food ,as that is what
the new puppy was on and it would take care of all of those other problems. The
veterinarian I had for my Schnauzers, put them on several different foods, diets
and even home made diets and still no luck. My vet bills reached over $2000.00 a

Then I switched to Flint River Ranch
and the results have been nothing but amazing. The pups are healthy, happy and
love the food. I am so satisfied with the food that I have given samples of the
food to people to tryon their pets with skin problems and they have made the
switch to Flint River Ranc h. Some people think that there is no difference in
dog food and that dogs will eat anything. Flint River provides a well balanced
diet and this helps the dog to stay healthy and their coats even improve. My
pups don’t eat as much food and are completely satisfied.

I cannot say enough about this food and the
company. Flint River Ranch has always been very pleasant to talk to and placing
orders has been very easy. I also like the fact that the food is delivered to my
home. All in all, I am very satisfied with your food and I know that my pups are
being fed the best of the best. Thank you for your caring about these pets
enough to come up with the well balanced diet, nutritious and priced very
affordable. Thank you again for helping to make my family of Miniature
Schnauzers remain healthy and well fed.
DJS, Mandan, ND
… Iove it! My 5 little dogs are: 15 year old toy poodle “Muffin” no more dry
itchy skin; mini dachshund “Peanut” no more rear end stiffness; “Bon Sai” – 7

year old Shih Tzu no more dry skin; “Ruby” 5
year old Pomeranian – wonderfully energetic; “Chunky” 6 year old Pekinese –
queen of the world – finally found a food she loves!!!!

Yes use anything you want on your web page-
everyone should try your great product!! We’re in Northern New Jersey –


just wanted to let you know your new website is wonderful. It is much easier to
view your products and checkout was fast! Thanks,
Leah in PA


been using your products for my Golden Retrievers for over a year, and I’m very
pleased with the results. I breed my dogs, and I’m very selective about the food
I choose. I had been with my previous brand for seven years, but it was becoming
increasingly difficult to obtain. My vet referred me to Flint River and

I’m really glad I took the plunge. The dogs
recover faster from their whelping and have plenty of milk for their pups. They
also produce less waste and their breath is much better, plus they actually eat


have an 8 year old Australian Shepherd with a sensitive stomach and an
indifferent attitude towards her dry food. After trying the FRR Trout and Potato
and the Lamb, Millet and Rice, not only is she cleaning her bowl out but she’s
actually sniffing in the Pantry for more! And after several weeks, her coat is
the healthiest and shiniest it has ever been. But the best part for us is that
she has a lot less gas and noises than she’s ever had.

We also tried the Pet Force Stain Remover
for the episodes on our carpets. Pet Force has worked the best so far of any of
the products we have tried and we’ve tried a lot of them. Pet Force is also
excellent for removing other stains as well. We were having a BBQ with the
neighbors and my wife, a former State Track Champion, was holding a glass of red
wine when she backed up and tripped over our Australian Shepherd, who has a bad
habit of following around my wife’s every step. My wife tried to recover but a
chair also entered her path and the result was something out of a Chevy Chase
movie. She went down and all the red wine in her glass went up. She didn’t even
break the wine glass but all the wine came down on her. It covered her Khaki
pants, knitted sweater and denim shirt. I filled the tub with water and threw
her clothes in. Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I added a couple of ounces of Pet
Force to the cold water and the Red Wine literally lifted out of the sweater
instantly. It took a little scrubbing on the other clothes but the red wine did
come out. Pet Force saved all three articles of clothing from being sent to
Jay J. Denver,CO


have a 1yr old Shiba Inu who was a rescue from a puppy mill. Recently he
developed a severe allergy to something, and we deduced that it was his food. He
was eating N***** N***** C*****, not a cheap brand. After a suggestion from a
friend, I went to a specialty dog food store and with the advice of the clerk,
purchased Flint River Ranch food, the Lamb/Millet/Rice bag. Kenshin has always
been a picky eater, but 1 have never seen him devour his food like he did that
first day. Not only has his allergies started to clear up; he is putting on
weight and looking more healthy than he ever has. His ears aren’t ragged from
scratching, and all his hotspots have cleared up, the hair is starting to grow
back over healthy pink skin. When looking at ingredients, the first on the list
of most dog food is corn, which we think has been triggering his allergies.
Flint River is one of the few that actually thinks about a dog’s biology when
making their food when do you ever hear of a pack of wild dogs raiding a corn
field?? Recently 1 acquired another Shiba Inu, this one is only four months old,
and he will skip over his food in preference for Kenshin’s Flint River Ranch. I
can see that 1 will have to go back to the store for your Puppy food as well, to
keep them from arguing over the food! Thank you for making such a great product,
I only wish that everyone had your commitment to our pets!! Thank you,
Valerie, Atlanta, GA



Thought you might like to know what 1
found out yesterday. I do not know if you know of a Dr. Dodd or not. She is
world renowned for her studies on vaccinations schedules, nutrition and
medications. I am following her vaccination schedule and also her advice on
nutrition. A major concern on pets especially Cockers is the copper content in
the food. It can also aid in hitting the Immune System. I discussed w/ her
W********, 1****** and Flint River Ranch. She did not care for 1****** as it is
not baked. Actually she did not care for W******* or 1****** either one as the
copper content is extremely high. This Dr. is booked through the year 2005. I
know this as we tried to get her to speak to the Cocker Club. She spoke very
highly of FRR. She has researched and I did too the copper content and your food
is extremely low. From what I have investigated personally it is the lowest on
the market. One of the P***** F***** has 10mg/cup. Per Dr. Dodd you really DO
NOT want to exceed 1-2 mg/cup. Lower then 1 if possible which is what yours is
for Lamb. Thought you might be able to use this info to help other people in a
food decision. Was AWESOME NEWS to me! Again, FRR rises to the occasion!
Carolyn, Dallas, TX
River Ranch has been a favorite of my canine companions and me now for a number
of ~ars. We are not only impressed by the quality of the product but also your
helpful and always friendly standard of customer service. Flint River Ranch’s
pledge to excellence is both obvious and appreciated by me and my pals.”
Lee in Illinois


different food brand was recommended to me, but after four weeks of using the
product, my dog was emaciated. He ate two to three cups of it per day and ended
up being rushed to my vet with a dangerously low heart rate. After restarting
your Flint River in small doses every three hours, he has regained the five
pounds he lost and his heart is almost back to normal. I will NEVER change to
anything else again – Flint River is the absolute best of all products!”
Nina in New Jersey


My name is Jocelyn and my dog, Sampson, a one-year old, 105 pound Chocolate
Labrador has only eaten Flint River Ranch dog food since day

one. His coat is amazingly luxurious, his
eyes clear and his teeth and breath are fabulous. I thought I’d send you a
picture of him, as proof of how wonderful your products are. He is so healthy. I
recommend Flint River Ranch products to all my dog loving friends. Thank you,


have 2 kittens named Callie and Abby, we have them eating Flint River cat food.
They have eaten the food like crazy for years. They love it
& have no
health problems; their coats shine
are soft. Since they have been on Flint River cat
food they have never had to have their teeth cleaned, Our cats have never been
sick in the eight years we have had them. We thank Fflint River for our cats
health and well being mainly due to the wonderful flint river cat food products
we feed our cats. Many thanks!


wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent customer service. Your
delivery was right on-time and I am sorry that
1 even
questioned your efficiency.
used to get a shipping notification (I really
don’t need that) and since I didn’t get one on the 20th
1 thought
you might have been running behind. The timing of the delivery was perfect!
Tomorrow, we will finish the last shipment, and I was getting nervous.

You see, my dog has not had a seizure since
we switched his food to Flint River Ranch. He is not on any medication!
1 credit
this to the fact that you don’t use preservatives or other added ingredients
that might cause an allergic reaction.

You are GREA T. … and I appreciate
not only your efficient delivery, but that you actually cared enough to call me
and let me know.






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