Sam’s Club Dog Treats Recall

Sams Club Members Mark Beef Sticks Dog Treats Recall November 2021Photo credit – Amazon

November 16, 2021 — Sam’s Club of Bentonville, Arkansas, is recalling Member’s Mark Beef Stick Dog Treats due to the potential presence of metal material.

What Caused the Recall?

The recall was initiated across all Sam’s Clubs following a limited number of customer reports.

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5 Reasons To Feed Brussels Sprouts

Want To Supercharge Your Dog’s Bowl?! 🐶
Adding simple and easy ‘longevity foods’🥦🥬🦪 has a profound impact on your dog’s health. The best part of “bowl additions” is that you add these nutrient to whatever you’re currently feeding;

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Canine Arthritis?

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Turmeric – The Herb You Dog Should Never Be Without

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Fromm Dog Food Recalled Due to High Levels of Vitamin D

Dog Food Recall Graphic

October 1, 2021 — Fromm Family Foods of Mequon, Wisconsin, is recallingapproximately 5,500 cases of Fromm Shredded Entrée wet dog food due to potentially elevated levels of Vitamin D.

What’s Being Recalled?

The following 4 products are affected by this recall.

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Chemically Polluted Pets

What You Use To Clean🪣 Your Home Ultimately Ends Up Inside Your Pet. Choose Wisely.

Study after study shows that indoor and outdoor home chemicals such as cleaning products🧼, air fresheners🕯, fire retardants📛 treated lumber decks🪵, stain-proofing chemicals🖌,

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Herbal Treatments for Your Dog

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks observed and documented their dogs’ innate ability to discern and eat several wild herbs to stimulate the healing of wounds and diseases. The Greek God of medicine, Asclepius, honored dogs because of this remarkable trait.

Herbal treatments have been used to treat illnesses in people and animals throughout the centuries.

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Top Quality Dog Food Recall of August 2021

Top Quality Dog Food Recall

August 26, 2021 — Top Quality Dog Food of Hyattsville, MD is recalling one batch of its “Beef HVM” product due to possible contamination with Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

What’s Recalled?

The following product is affected by this recall.

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Simply Nourish Dog Food Recall

Simply Nourish Cooked Frozen Dog Food RecallSimply Nourish Recalls 8 Products

August 13, 2021 — Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company of Monroe, Washington, is recalling approximately 51,000 packages of Simply Nourish frozen dog food due to it elevated levels of Vitamin D.

What’s Being Recalled?

Recalled products are marketed in 2-pound and 4.5-pound packages across specific “Best By” dates.

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Six Dog Food Brands Recalled Due to Dangerous Mold Toxin

Animal feed corn with moldCorn mold producing dangerous aflatoxin

July 29, 2021 — Sunshine Mills is recalling six dog food brands due to dangerous levels of aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin is a potentially deadly by-product associated with the overgrowth of Aspergillus flavus (a type of mold typically found on corn).

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